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     Decorative Arms & Brackets

    Lighting Structures decorative brackets and arms are completely modular and interchangeable. Colour, style and creativity are your palette, the rest is left to your imagination.

    The customer's limits of imagination (within practical and safe engineering restrictions) are the only limits on decorative pole and arm designs. Where required Lighting Structures will assist with specifying a special design to achieve the required architectural image and aesthetics for any project.

    Boschenmer Single Arm
    Double Carnival Arm
    Upward Curved Arm
    Sugarmill Double Arm
    Sugarmill Single Arm
    Semi Hoop Arm
    Inverted 'U' Arm
    'U' Type Wall Bracket
    Double 'L' Type Arm
    Hoop Arm
    Double 'U' Type Arm
    Single 'U' Type Arm
    Classical Curved Double Arm
    Classical Curved Wall Bracket
    Classical 'T' Double Arm
    'L' Type Wall Bracket