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     Decorative Poles

    Decorative poles are available in straight 76mm diameter up to 4,5m in total or various stepped options up to 6m total length. Single / double decorative arm options are available. Powder coated in a wide range of colours and finishes. Spigots, curved or straight outreach arms in various lengths are optional.

    Technical Info

    • All poles are designed to SABS 0225 by a registered Professional Engineer
    • Poles can be planted or surface mounted
    • Only S355 grade steel, with a minimum thickness of 3mm is used
    • All poles are hot dip galvanised, by an SABS approved galvaniser, to SABS ISO1461
    • Cable entry hole, access door, gland plate and an earth stud are standard with every pole

    Ordering Info

    • Total length and mounting height required
    • Pole loading details (number, size and mass of luminaires to be used)
    • Mounting details (planted or surface mounted)
    • Spigot/s or outreach/es
    • Any special requests
    Decoratibve Lighting Poles